Enjoy The Beaches In The Holy City of Gokarna, Karataka

Gokarna is about 238 km north of Mangalore, 483 km from Bengaluru and about 59 km from Karwar.It is a small town located in the remote region of Karnataka, where it has a line up of four pristine and pleasant beaches.Gokarna means Cow’s Ear. It is believed that Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow, here. It is at the ear-shaped confluence of two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini. The scenic part of the Gokarna is blissful. With the Rocky Mountains and Western Ghats and Arabian Sea flowing on the sides. Gokarna is known for it’s pleasant beaches.

The four beaches- Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, Paradise Beach and Belekan Beach are the four south facing beaches of Gokarna. The main beach of Gokarna is followed up in the northern direction. The main beach of Gokarna is mainly used for the Indian Pilgrims. One can also enjoy and have fun of surfing in the open beach. Belekan and Om beach are two beaches that are 6 km along the coastline and one can walk along the beach. While the Paradise and half moon beaches can be only reached to via trekking or boat.

Om Beach is the most happening out of the four. The only one that is easily accessible. Therefore, it attracts more and more tourists and travelers. Despite easily accessible, Kudle beach gets more attracted by travelers due to it being more laid-back. The beach is situated between Gokarna and Om Beach and can be reached within 20 minutes form Om Beach.

Gokarna being one of the holiest place in Karnataka, the pilgrims and beaches makes it all the more pleasantry destination to visit.

What makes the place more special? Here is a list below:

  1. The Gokarna nightlife is full of Bonfires, singing, guitars, and drums.
  2. The beach party can also be enjoyed in Gokarna.
  3. Beach trekking in Gokarna, is one of the most exuberant activity that can be enjoyed while you are there.
  4. Visit the most serene temples.
  5. The food at Gokarna is delicious and you surely cannot resist from yourself becoming a foodie.
  6. Enjoy the photographing and let the photo bug bite you with the natural beauty surrounding you.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Gokarna beach is during the months of October until March. The weather during these days are clear, calm and blissful. These reasons make the most peak time to visit Gokarna beaches.

Whats more to roam in the city: Don’t forget to soak yourself in the town. Shopaholics can fill up their bags with street shopping. Clothes, handicrafts and other local things are easily accessible in the town.

How to reach there: The nearest airport is Dabolim, in Goa. From there it’s a four-hour drive south to Gorkana. Alternatively, trains on the Konkan railway stop at Gokarna Road station, 15 minutes from town, as well as Kumta and Ankola stations, both around 25 kilometers (16 miles) from Gokarna.

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